You can download binary and arduino bundle in this url:

baidu Download Link

Source Code

You can get source code in this url:

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  1. I use Ardublock since quite a while (~2 years) – now I wanted to look if anything new is there.
    1) it was not that easy to find your new website
    2) downloading the binary from baidu is no fun – slow and very unstable. And if you can’t read any chinese (I belong to that minority) it’s pure guesswork
    3) there are two githup repositories around taweili/ardublock and yours (heqichen/ardublock). Which is the most recent one or are they synced? In former times taweili seemed to me to be the choice…

    For the binaries you used to put them on sourceforge – please could you consider to revive this again – and use this as a link to obtain the binaries. This might solve some problems.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Thanks for supporting ArduBlock.

      I know Baidu is quite slow outside the GFW, however it is the tradeoff between downloadable and speed. Because most sites were banned inside GFW.

      I will prefer a better one for next release :-)

      As ArduBlock is an opensource project. I develop the code on my spare time. so it is not update frequently.

      And There are tons of bugs in the ardublocks. They become the obstacle for ardublock. We are considering how to fix it or migrate to new framework.

      If you have any ideas. please let us know

      Thank you.

  2. I am having difficulty finding a site where I can download the SCoop libraries (Github link to SCoop has no information) & they don’t seem to be included in the Ardublock .jar file

    Can you post an alternative link?

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